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Our team brought home a decisive victory on November 8, allowing Judge Linda Knepp to continue her service as your Judge in the Juvenile Division of the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas, continuing her nearly 30-year legal career supporting & protecting Lucas County families & our youth.

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Judge Knepp

Judge Linda Knepp

Judge Linda Knepp was appointed to the Bench by Governor Mike DeWine in June of 2021 and elected by the voters of Lucas County to retain the seat in a contested election in November of 2022 .

She hit the ground running, and has been a positive influence in the lives of hundreds of children and families in Lucas County.  She is particularly proud to have obtained certification from the Supreme Court of Ohio for a Family Drug Treatment Docket, with the goal of reuniting families torn apart by the ravages of addiction upon graduation and proven sobriety.

Prior to becoming your Lucas County Juvenile Judge, she was serving as a magistrate with the Lucas County Probate Court.  Just before that, Judge Knepp worked as a prosecutor in the Juvenile Division–the same Court where she now sits as Judge.

She spent the first 19 years of her legal career with the Lucas County Child Support Enforcement Agency, as both a trial attorney and a hearing officer.

A psychology major in college, Judge Knepp also has prior experience working as a felony probation officer, where she implemented a program of close supervision in lieu of custodial treatment. During that time, she facilitated group sessions in cognitive behavioral therapy (“Thinking for a Change”), portions of which Judge Knepp now employs as a tough but compassionate Judge, redirecting youthful offenders from patterns of gang violence and drug abuse.